Rest with me

The way God speaks at times really makes me smile. I decided today to pick up the Devotional “Jesus Calling”. For today the first few words where “Rest with me a while”. It then mentioned a hard path adn through everything that I have been going through theses las few months I realise that i have become focused on the jorney and not God.. Even though God has answered so many of my prayers the focus has slipped.  At the bottom of the page two scriptures highlighted what God wanted me to know and allowed me to begin to rest in him. Psalm 143 v 8

“Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love,
    for I have put my trust in you.
Show me the way I should go,
    for to you I entrust my life.”

and Genesis 28 v 15.

“I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you. ”


As my life is about to be thrown into a new level of madness I can also take comfort in psalm 143 v 10.

“Teach me to do your will,
    for you are my God;
may your good Spirit
    lead me on level ground.”


New beginnings


A new beginning! I have a confession I never did get through the bible. But I did get further than I ever got before. The beauty about God is his grace and forgiveness as I walk towards him ashamed of my failure but he simply opens his arms and welcomes me. God has still continued to answer prayers in ways I never thought possible and opened doors that I was not expecting as well as closing others. Currently I am 8 month pregnant and about to stop working. I hope that over the next year I am able to  document the faith that has grown over the last year and the lessons that God has been teaching me. I pray that someone out there may stumble across this blog and find it encouraging and welcoming. I pray that God will use it in ways I don’t expect and for his glory.



To suffer is a thing that everyone must go through. It can be many things, fearing for you life as in Esther or losing everything you have as in Job. I think what I found surprising about Esther was that even though she was Queen she had very little power. She was still at the complete mercy of the King. Reading the story again makes remember that she was a brave woman, her place was there by the design of God so that in her weakness of having no real power God could save his people.

Job on the other hand was left with nothing. He lost everything. To lose that much and not curse God is an amazing thing. However I do realize that he does complain about the suffering. It makes me realize that I am not expected to be happy with everything that God does, just know that he is in control of it. We are part of a fallen world and suffering happens. This can be because the Devil wants to try us. I wonder at times what does God stop from happening? How many ends of the world has God stopped?

Suffering helps us grow into better people. God will use it for his glory but we will still remember what happened. We will still remember the scars it gives us. Job would never have forgotten his family that died not matter how wonderful everything was. The question is do our scars build us into better people and reveal the glory of God?

At 90 days I had not managed to reach the New testament. But I am still reading. Although I have not completed the 90 day challenge I can say that I have read more into the bible than ever before and I don’t feel to discouraged about not finishing. I guess if you don’t manage the 90 days it is at the end of the day about reading God’s word.

Nehemiah is an interesting book. I have never really read through it before. Today I was near the end of the book where is it talking about the sabbath and keeping it holy. They go to great lengths in Nehemiah about keeps sells out and making sure that the sabbath is kept. It got me thinking about what do we do in the west to keep the sabbath holy. I found it strange when I arrived in America as Sunday seemed just the same as any other day when it came to shopping and work. In the UK shops have restricted opening. But here in America there seems little difference in the world so it is left up to you as a person to observe the day of rest. How many of us really have a day of rest. Many go to church but when we are home afterwards do we rest or are we catching up on chores, homework or something else.

Then I read the passage about marrying outside of the Jews. It was an interesting thing to think about. Although I have no issues with marrying outside of your race to marry outside of your faith can have huge consequences. Someones faith reaches down into the very core of their being. To marry outside of that can mean that you can disagree in areas that are important to you. A wedding is a wonderful thing, it can be as grand as the royal wedding or as quiet as a couple of friends on a beach. But through it all you must agree on some of the core issues. Sometimes this can cause someone to fall away from their faith  as they try to work out there marriage. Obviously when someone comes to the faith after they got married God will work through that and indeed any marriage, but to be joined in your core beliefs is a beautiful and wonderful thing.

Do you read the bible selfishly? Well do you? We had a sermon on Sunday around Samuel 15. Saul listen to God when he wanted to. Fulfilled only parts of God’s commands. If you want to hear the whole sermon click here. The main thing it made me think in many ways is do I read the bible selfishly? Why do I read the bible? Is it for comfort for me? For me to know what God is saying to me at this moment? Or do I read it because I just want to know God. I know at times it is all about me but I have found that although I do not think I will managed to read the bible in 90 days I will read the bible and at the end of it I will see the bigger picture and hopefully be able to say I read the bible to know God and it is not just about me.

When reading Chronicles is shows me how important the family tree is throughout history. Knowing where you came from and who you belong to defined who you where . Your actions shed shame or glory on your family. The consequence can be felt throughout all your family.  The roots within families run deep and the branches wide. Families today have grown smaller and in some places non existent.

When did is stop mattering where you came from? When did family in society mean so little? Now families fall apart and what you do might not even affect your brother never mind your cousin or your aunt. I was surprised to find this message in Chronicles but the message is families mean something and maybe as a people as a society we should look back to where we came from so that me can connect with one another and grow stronger with those around us. Today your family does not have to be a blood relative but needs to be someone in your heart that you will honor and love as a person. That we hold you accountable for your shame and your glories.


As I have read through kings 1 and 2 it amazed me how many kings did evil in the eyes of God and also how short some of their lives were. Also it illustrated how amazing Jesus was as a king. It reminded me of the song the by Downhere about a king

How many kings really leave their thrones? Only a couple in the book of kings even followed what God requested. Jesus was truly an amazing King.